Product description


Six layer anti-torsion ecological hose, outer grey PVC layer very manageable, with an inserted tensor and a black layer of reinforcement (rubber feel), white inner layer for food use. Reinforced with a polyester knit mesh covering that prevents torsion and folding during use and a white anti-algae layer. Very manageable. Non-toxic, Ca/Pb/Ba and Phatalate-free that prevents migration during irrigation. Its use is entirely safe for plants and people. Anti-UV and resistant to atmospheric agents and chemical products.


Ideal hose for high maintenance gardening irrigation, horticulture and floriculture. Domestic installations and transport of water in general. Transport of liquid foods, including those with fatty contents.


ø Interior inches Weight g/m Work pressure bar Burst pressure bar Code
1/2″ 145 10 30 AN122012
5/8″ 175 10 30 AN122015
3/4″ 250 10 30 AN122019
1″ 420 8 24 AN122025