Semi-Wavy Chemical UPE 16 bar


Product description


Hose constructed around a mandrel, with black food quality UPE rubber interior resistant to abrasion. The exterior layer is of black EPDM rubber which is weather and abrasion resistant. It has an intertwined textile reinforcement of high tenacity and a spiral of helical steel.


Food hose ideal for suction and pumping of chemical products. Particularly recommended for conduit of acids, bases, alkali, solvents, ketones, aldehydes, esters, alcohols and aromatics, aliphatics and chlorinated hydrocarbons. Also recommended for food and alcoholic drinks, cosmetic and pharmaceutical products. Complies with FDA food standards. High conductivity, suitable for environments and ATEX areas according with official report DEKRA 16EXAM11132 BVS-bk: area 0,1 and 2. It complies with regulation 12115.


From -20ºC to +70ºC. Peaks of 130ºC at 30 min. maximum.


Interior mm Exterior mm Bar pressure Roll m Code
19 31 16 61 APN960S019031
25 37 16 61 APN960S025037
32 44 16 61 APN960S032044
38 51 16 61 APN960S038051
51 64 16 40 APN960S051066
63 78 16 40 APN960S063078
76 92 16 20 APN960S076092
100 118 16 20 APN960S100118