Blue Hydrowasher EN-857 2SC


Product description


Hose with interior layer of black synthetic rubber, resistant to high temperatures, and exterior layer of blue synthetic rubber resistant to oil, abrasion and weather. It is also reinforced with two metallic meshes.


Ideal hose for use in washing equipment with hot water on high pressure.


From -40°C to +135°C, up to +155°C in discontinuous use.


Interior mm Exterior mm Bar working pressure Bar burst pressure Curvature radius mm Code
6.4 14.2 400 1600 75 AK0240604
7.9 16 350 1400 85 AK0240805
9.5 18.3 330 1320 90 AK0241006
12.7 21.5 275 1100 130 AK0241008