We have an extensive stock of couplings, connectors and fittings in different materials and for all types of application: threaded fittings in brass and stainless steel, couplings for unloading such as Camlock, Guillemin, Tankwagen and Storz; quick couplings such as Eurorapid, UMT and Bauer; couplings such as Express, Geka and Barcelona; couplings for the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food industry; fittings for hydraulic and pneumatic application; as well as valves, tips and nozzles.

Tecniman couplings

We are specialists in various materials and for all applications: spherical, Bauer, UMT, express, Kamlock (Camlock), Guillemin, Storz, couplings for mortar, for compressed air, Geka, Barcelona, Tankwagen (TW) couplings, and for multiple materials: brass, stainless steel, DIN11851 NW, for streams and shotcrete. Finally, we avail of multiple accessories: valves, filters, taps, tips, end caps and nozzles.

The coupling is a metal piece that serves to join tubes together, they are a fundamental piece when joining hoses and tubes.

Tecniman is a specialist in the supply of couplings manufactured in different materials and with a wide range of industrial applications. We have stock of couplings that are spherical, Bauer type, UMT type, express, Kamlock (Camlock), Guillemín, Storz, for mortar, for compressed air, Geka, Barcelona type, Tankwagen (TW), food DIN-11851 NW, for stream and shotcrete, and a wide variety of hydraulic and pneumatic fittings. Depending on the purpose, they are manufactured in stainless steel, carbon steel, iron, brass, chrome plated brass and aluminium. Finally, we have accessories such as: valves, filters, taps, tips, end caps and nozzles.

mangueras industriales

There are multiple standards to which this manufacturing is subject. In fire protection pieces, the most common standard is UNE-23400, for food pieces the standard DIN-11851 is very common, the Guillemin couplings are subject to the NF Standard and the TW unloading couplings follow standard DIN-28450.

At Tecniman we are specialists in all types of materials and applications. Over 30 years of experience in the sector support us. Ask us about the model type and material that is most suited to your needs. We avail of an extensive stock that permits us to fulfill your requirements in a very short period of time. We know what you need and we understand the material available on the market, which guarantees that we will provide you with a solution.