TÉCNICA Y MANTENIMIENTO, S.A. (TECNIMAN), a company founded in the year 1982, focuses its activity on the commercialisation of a wide variety of technical hoses, of medium and low pressure, that are manufactured for use in industry, agriculture and services. It also commercialises all accessories and additional items for said hoses. In addition, the company manufactures high pressure hydraulic metallic hoses.

The business focus of TECNIMAN has always consisted, since the very beginning, of specialisation. With this criteria, the company has aimed at all times to achieve a deep knowledge of all of the products that it commercialises. The aim is to be able to advise clients and recommend the most appropriate product for their needs, at a competitive price and with immediate service.

mangueras industriales

As we are specialists in the products we commercialise, all of our resources are concentrated on a complete and significant stock.

TECNIMAN shares the knowledge that it has acquired over more than 35 years of experience and makes it available to everyone.


Tecniman is ISO 9001:2008 certified since 2005.




TÉCNICA Y MANTENIMIENTO, S.A. (TECNIMAN), was founded in 1982. During a period when most industrial supplies providers were focused on distributing generic supplies for the industry, TECNIMAN from the start, opted to specialize in the distribution of medium and low pressure hoses for all kinds of fluids, as well as connectors for those hoses.

TECNIMAN started from a small groud-level warehouse in the Ruzafa neighborhood of Valencia, located on Buenos Aires street, number 7. It can be said that during those times the most important industrial supplies providers were found in this neighborhood.


New facilities

Three years later, in 1985, TECNIMAN grew rapidly and had to move to a bigger warehouse. The company moves inside the neighborhood of Ruzafa, to Cuba street number 69.

Move to Massanassa

Due to a sharp increase in turnover and also due to logistics problems with loading and unloading in the city streets, TECNIMAN, in 1991, decides to move outside of the city. The company moves to bigger and more modern facilities in the industrial complex of Massanassa, the present company headquarters.

More services, bigger catalog

In 1991 TECNIMAN broadens its catalog, inside its specialization area, with the distribution of high pressure hoses and connectors, and on-premises custom manufacturing of metallic hydraulic hoses for our customers.

Leading distributor in the sector

After almost 40 years of experience TECNIMAN is an important reference in the sector, with great prestige due to its know-how, expertise level and professionalism.